‘Unique in the world’, a book that was born in the orbit of the 125th anniversary of Athletic

‘Unique in the world’, a book that was born in the orbit of the 125th anniversary of Athletic
‘Unique in the world’, a book that was born in the orbit of the 125th anniversary of Athletic

This could WELL be one of the ideas that have guided Athletic throughout its 125-year history, an anniversary that will begin to be celebrated in 2023. “The only impossible thing is what you don’t try”. We have witnessed so many prodigies, his deeds and the setbacks from which he always rose have touched our hearts so much; has participated in so many scenes of our dreams that the graphic book on which they have worked Tomás Ondarra and Iñigo Crespo It couldn’t have a better title: Unique in the world. It is supported by a subtitle in which 125 years of legend can be read, a unique story.

All those present yesterday in the El Silo room, there on the Olabeaga docks, knew, we knew, that it is not an exaggeration. At most a bilbainada, made possible in the material by the editorial BAO with Mariano Remiro, Gontzal Azkoitia, Mikel Agirre and the printer Daniel Elgobia in the factory. In the office of the muses, Tomás and Iñigo shone. The result is magnificent: a book packed with information gracefully told, loaded with Tomás’s drawing skills, and edited with BAO’s good taste. It is dedicated to two athletes like Antonio Fernández Casado and Patxo Unzueta and carries the prologue of Santi Segurola.

The presentation of the work fell into the hands of Jon Uriarte, to whom Bilbao beats strongly. He sang the alignment of the lions present yesterday, as if he were one of those ancestral English speakers there next to the estuary, whose tide brought us football and with it, Athletic. There were many attendees who have dressed in red and white. Andoni Goikoetxea, Daniel Ruiz Bazán, Dani, Patxi Salinas (he accused Dani of taking home the trophy of the last cup won and the discontent was armed), Fernando Quintanilla, Txirri, Andoni Lakabeg and Iñigo Lizarraldeat the expense of someone else who has escaped the chronicler, with former president Aitor Elizegi also present.

Witnesses of everything that I tell you, supplied by the beers of La Salve, the Gildas del Norte, the legendary felipadas and other delicacies, were the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto; the president of the EBB, Andoni Ortuzar; Julen Rodriguez, owner of an extensive collection of Athletic shirts that he exhibits for charitable causes and emotional events in red and white like yesterday’s; Yotziar Epalza, Paco García, Alberto Vaquero, Esteban Feijó, Alberto Erkorekadescendant of the only republican mayor of Bilbao; Álvaro Díaz de Lezana, María Jesús Galarza, Marcos Muro, Beatriz Marcos, Marcelino Gorbeña. Itziar Villamandos, Iñigo Landa, Javier Gutiérrez, José Antonio Nielfa, La Otxoa, María Tato, Jujo Ortiz, Jon Viterithe winemaker Patxi Murillo Viteri, Adolfo de Andrés, del Gure Kabi, María Jesús Galarza, Sandra Muro, Andrea Loroño, Unai Larrea, Jon Andoni Zarate, Iker Urkidi, Iñigo Urrutia, Marta Zarraga and an endless list of red and white hearts that beat and beat and beat for an eternity.

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