The rudeness to the wife of the Argentine ambassador at the funeral of Elizabeth II

The rudeness to the wife of the Argentine ambassador at the funeral of Elizabeth II
The rudeness to the wife of the Argentine ambassador at the funeral of Elizabeth II

Alessandra ViggianoMarrawife of the Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom, was the protagonist of an uncomfortable disagreement with the British royal, within the framework of the lavish funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey. This Tuesday, September 20, a video went viral where it can be seen that the official and receptionist of the ceremony withdrew his hand when the ambassador’s wife Javier Figueroa He came over to greet him. “The gentleman called to apologize and said that he did not really see the greeting,” said the diplomat, who admitted having felt “a lot of anger” for the rudeness

The British network BBC, which broadcast the event live, captured the awkward moment that the diplomat Alessandra Viggiano Marra lived with the colleague from the United Kingdom who received each of the guests who entered Westminster Abbey with a solemn greeting.

According to the British media Daily Mailthe rudeness had such an impact that in social networks it would have been viewed by at least four million viewers.

The “victim” of the rudeness explained to Infobae what happened: “At first, when the video was not viral, it was not known who the woman was, but well, now it is. Everyone is calling me in solidarityas if it had been a rudeness for something in particular and it was only part of the moment.

Alessandra Viggiano Marra: “It depresses me to see it more”

“We were passing by and all the people who were ahead of me were shaking hands with the Marshall. They did it because he is the Marshall of the diplomatic corps, which is the equivalent of the director of ceremonies. He knows all of us diplomats who are accredited in the United Kingdom, ”he said. Viggiano Marra reconstructing the scene.

The video shows that the Marshall greets a woman before the disagreement with the Argentine diplomat: “The woman who comes in front of me shakes her hand and you can see that in her eagerness to let people pass, she didn’t see me.” In any case, he assured she doesn’t feel comfortable watching the video: “It makes me depressed to see it more.”

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The diplomat retracted

The woman revealed that she had met the British diplomat in previous meetings and that the man contacted her to apologize: “The gentleman called to apologize and He said he didn’t really see the salute.”

“He didn’t do it on purpose and there’s nothing behind it”concluded the ambassador’s wife to reduce the tension of the disagreement.

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Nobody appreciated the hat

However, what “annoyed” Alessandra Viggiano Marra the most was that no one noticed his fancy hatbelonging to an Argentine designer who wanted to make herself known.

“What hurt me the most was that we thought of that opportunity to publicize the fact that I was wearing a hat by an Argentine designer called Nicole Tursi, because we are participating just this week in the London Design Festival”, lamented Viggiano Marra.

“She lent me the hat to show off and, in the end, the hat became associated with this incident. That was what gave me the most anger, “warned the diplomat, whose hat went unnoticed.


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