French air traffic controllers call off this week’s strike

French air traffic controllers call off this week’s strike
French air traffic controllers call off this week’s strike

The French air traffic controllers have called off the three days of strike that they had announced from September 28 to 30, after reaching an agreement with the Government’s conciliation. The National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (SNCTA) indicated on its website that it lifts the strike notice that had been issued for those three daysalthough he did not specify the terms of the agreement, which should be detailed in a future statement.

Their demands were in two lines, the first the claim for a salary increase to compensate for the increase in inflation and the second an increase in hiring to address the fact that between 2029 and 2035 a third of the members of this body are expected to retire. Last Friday, the SNCTA already organized a day of strike that forced the cancellation of 50% of flights to or from French airports and that also caused considerable delays. In addition to the cancellation of a thousand flights in France, the protests also affected other European countries, since some planes flying over French airspace had to change their trajectories.

Within the sector, the airline Air France has also been forced to decree a salary increase of 5% staggered between 2022 and 2023 to its almost 40,000 employees in France, in addition to a bonus of 1,000 euros, for combat the inflation suffered by the country’s economy. These increases affect all the airline’s contracted personnel, from pilots and on-board personnel to ground workers, the airline announced Wednesday. For the lowest wages, which the percentage wage increase will not impact as much, it was agreed that the minimum increase should be 130 euros monthly. The bonus of 1,000 euros will be paid in mid-October next and the staggered increases in salary will begin in November and end in mid-2023.

After two years of salary freeze, the unions had asked for an increase of between 8 and 10%. The Air France-KLM group it returned to profit in the second quarter of 2022, when it earned 286 million euros, the first positive results since 2019, before the outbreak of the covid pandemic that weighed down its accounts in the following two years.

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