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The Pros arrive in the Solomon Islands on their round the world tour

The Pros, during the beginning of the journey. / Oscar Chamorro

The sailboat is the first sports boat to arrive at the port of Honiara, capital of this South Pacific archipelago, since before the pandemic

The Pros culminated a new stage in its goal of going around the world as Juan Sebastián Elcano did five hundred years ago. The ship of this expedition, organized by the Friends of the Great Spanish Navigators and Explorers (AGNYEE), arrived in the Solomon Islands from Fiji last Thursday. It also became, curiously, the first sports boat to moor in the port of Honiara, capital of this South Pacific archipelago, since the beginning of the pandemic.

The stop on these islands, discovered by Álvaro de Mendaña in 1568, will be brief. The ship of the ‘In the wake of Elcano’ project will only remain in port for the time necessary to carry out the appropriate checks on its navigation equipment, before resuming its route to Guam, an American island that was Spanish until 1898. From that presence Hispanic remains Chamorro, a language resulting from the fusion of Mexican Spanish and the Austronesian aboriginal language. In this enclave, a cultural event will be held to remember the passage and presence of the Spanish.

This haste in the trip to Guam is due to the accumulated delay in leaving from Fiji. The Pros arrived in this archipelago on April 7 from Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, but could not leave for the Solomon Islands until July 16. The first setback was in the state of the sailboat, which she suffered some damage. Then came the covid-19 restrictions in this entire area of ​​the planet. The AGNYEE team was not assured entry into the ports of the next stages and had to wait.

The green light came to be able to leave in the middle of the month, but when preparations began, one of the crew members contracted covid and the rest had to quarantine. Once all the problems had been overcome, and with the approval of the health authorities, the Pros left for Honiara, 1,300 nautical miles away from Fiji.

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