Shaarza Moriel, Anuel AA’s NEW GIRLFRIEND, breaks the SILENCE with a hint to Yailin the Most Viral

Shaarza Moriel, Anuel AA’s NEW GIRLFRIEND, breaks the SILENCE with a hint to Yailin the Most Viral
Shaarza Moriel, Anuel AA’s NEW GIRLFRIEND, breaks the SILENCE with a hint to Yailin the Most Viral

Much is still being said about the relationship and possible rupture between Anuel AA Y Yailin the Most Viral, since after a video was released in which the rapper kissed another girl, the rumors of infidelity did not wait. Now, the one involved in said recording, the influencer Shaarza Morieland supposed new girlfriend of the rapper, breaks the silence through its social networks and launches a hint to the Puerto Rican’s still wife.

And it’s only been three months since Anuel AA Y yailin the most viral They got married, despite this, their relationship has been surrounded by several controversies, from those that continue to involve Karol G, to the most recent infidelity to the Dominican, in which it is said that Shaarza Moriel it’s already yours new girlfriend.

Shaarza Moriel indirectly sends Yailin the Most Viral

The 21-year-old Colombian influencer and model; who a couple of years ago had a courtship with Natanael Cano, she has been mentioned by media and networks as the new couple of Anuel AA. It is speculated that Shaarza Moriel, has conquered the heart of the Puerto Rican singer. so after all the rumors he has decided break the silence and talk about the relationship he has with the rapper, taking the opportunity to send a harsh hint a Yailin the Most Viralwife of the interpreter of “Secreto”.

It should be noted that Yailin the Most Viral She has disappeared from social networks because she has deleted all her accounts, which speaks about the fact that she could be avoiding this whole issue of infidelity on the part of her still husband. Despite this, Shaarza Moriel she did not want to remain silent explaining that Anuel AA He is the one who constantly looks for her behind the Dominican woman’s back.

Through your social networks Shaarza Moriel, new girlfriend of Anuel AA, breaks the silence to dispel the questions, he also sent him a hint a yailinmaking it clear that although the only relationship that unites them at the moment is friendship, she is open to the possibility of something else happening between them, since “Always gets what he wants“.

“No one stole anyone here, he came alone and I don’t know why they’re making up that I’m going to get married and that the ring, I said from the beginning that we were friends, however, I can only tell you that I always get what I want and who I want, but if I tell them that he is the one who is looking for me”.

Furthermore, the alleged new girlfriend The Puerto Rican also took the opportunity to claim the people who are attacking her on social networks, accusing her of being responsible for destroying the marriage of Anuel AA Y yailin the Most Viral: “For those who ask me why I got there, I just tell them that I liked Anuel and I liked him”he pointed out.

According to own Shaarza Moriel, she and the rapper met at a concert that took place in Mexico, and since then both felt a crush, because everything happened as love at first sight. So far neither the Puerto Rican nor his wife, Yailin the Most Viral have spoken about it.

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