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The secret of the Greco family”, the shocking Netflix television series based on the Argentine production “Historia de un clan”narrates the life of a well-to-do Mexican family that, in order not to lose the status and level to which they are accustomed, does whatever it takes, including committing the most reprehensible crimes: kidnappings and murders in their own social circle.

Set in Mexico, “The secret of the Greco family” part of a true story that took place in the 80s in Argentina, that of the Puccio clan crime spreea family that systematically kidnapped a few members of the Buenos Aires upper class, always led by its patriarch, Archimedes Puccio.

Who exactly were the Puccios? Learn about his story below, but first watch the trailer for the miniseries that is available on Netflix from November 4:

“The Secret of the Greco Family” is based on the true story of the Puccio clan, led by Archimedes Puccio. The police case of this family shocked Argentine society in the early 1980s.

Fernando Colunga as Aquiles Greco with his fictional son during a scene from “The Secret of the Greco Family” (Photo: Telemundo / Netflix)

The Puccio clan was formed in the form of a corporation, which was the owner of the house located in Martín y Omar al 500 in San Isidro, the place where they hid the victims of their kidnappings and extortions. I was led by Arquímedes Puccio, his sons Alejandro and Daniel, Guillermo Fernández Laborda, Colonel Rodolfo Franco, and as receiver, the accountant Revuelta.

The Puccio clan appeared to be a common family, so none of their acquaintances, including future victims, suspected them. They had a nautical sporting goods store in their own home, exactly on the ground floor, and a bar next to the building where they lived.

Behind the facade of both businesses, the The Puccio clan had a much more profitable activity: kidnapping for ransom.. Everything was under the command of Archimedes Puccio, the accountant and lawyer, who became vice-consul.

With “The secret of the Greco family”, Fernando Colunga, who has been away since 2016, returns to the world of recordings (Photo: Netflix)

The first victim of the Puccio clan was Ricardo Manoukian, 23, who was kidnapped on July 22, 1982. Although he had received training to avoid such criminal acts, the fact that his apparent friend Alejandro Puccio set a trap for him, turned him into an easy prey. They kept him tied up and hooded for nine days in the bathtub of the house in San Isidro waiting for his family, owner of the Tanti supermarkets, to pay the $250,000 ransom. Despite everything, he was killed three shots to the head on July 30; His body was thrown into the river and turned up a day later.

May 5, 1983engineer and rugby player Eduardo Aulet was kidnapped under the same modality as the first, since when he met Alejandro Puccio, he earned his trust. The family of the president of a metallurgical company, aged 25, had handed over $150,000 in ransom, but suffered the same fate and was killed before the money was collected. Her body appeared four years later in a field.

Businessman Emilio Naum38, became the third victim of the Puccio clan, on June 22, 1984. While he was traveling in his car, Arquímedes Puccio motioned for him to stop and please take him a few blocks, but he was not alone, he was accompanied by Laborda. During the first few blocks, the conversations were purely about business, but from one moment to another he changes the conversation and tells him that the money he has in his vehicle will not be enough for him, so they are going to kidnap him. The owner of McTaylor stores he tried to defend himself, while they tied him up and it was impossible for his captors to stop him, who had to shoot him and they fled.

Achilles Greco is the leader of the criminal clan in
Aquiles Greco is the leader of the criminal clan in “The Secret of the Greco Family” (Photo: Telemundo / Netflix)

After the Puccio clan had kidnapped a new victim from their home, businesswoman Nélida Bollini de Prado, 58, who had been in captivity for a month, the police raided the building by surprise on August 23, 1985but the officers had only gone to rescue the woman and were unaware of the previous kidnappings they had committed.

When they entered, Alejandro Puccio was with his girlfriend in the house. The whole clan was arrested the moment he was about to collect the ransom. Although the women denied not knowing anything about what was happening, for the judge things were clear, because none was surprised and asked what had happened, the only one who could not have been responsible was her 15-year-old teenage daughter. In this way, the traditional family that tried by all means to maintain social status fell.

Archimedes Puccio never acknowledged his crimes and always claimed to be a patriot and a political prisoner. But in December 1985 he was sentenced to life in prison plus an accessory indefinite term. In prison he converted to the evangelical religion and took the corresponding courses to become a lawyer.

More than 20 years later, in April 2008, he was granted parole thanks to the “2×1 Law”, so he was transferred to the General Pico La Pampa Open Correctional Institute, after the house arrest he had been serving in Buenos Aires, for having violated the conditions of the same, being there.

In General Pico, Arquímedes Puccio obtained parole and continued to live in that city, where he practiced as a lawyer. He lived in the house of an evangelical pastor and later lived with a woman younger than him. After that, he settled in a boarding house, where he eventually died.

In “The secret of the Greco family”, the leader of the clan kidnapped his acquaintances, who had a lot of money to pay the ransom (Photo: Telemundo / Netflix)

“The secret of the Greco family” is available on Netflix from November 4, 2022Therefore, to watch the series inspired by the Puccio clan, you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform.

  • Original title: “The secret of the Greco family”
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: MEXICO
  • Based on “History of a clan” by Luis Ortega
  • Creator: Martin Mendez and Alejandro Quesada
  • Direction: Alejandro Ciancio
  • Creative Direction: Julia Freid
  • Music: Juan Carlos Enriquez
  • Cast: Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, Manuel Masalva, Luis Machín, Rafael Ferro, Alejandro de Hoyos, Samantha Siqueiros, Antonio de la Vega, Roberta Damián, Paula Reca
  • Producer: Netflix
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Number of episodes: 9
  • Fernando Colunga as Achilles Greco
  • Lisa Owen as Martha Ochoa de Greco
  • Manuel Masalva as Andres Greco
  • Luis Machin like kings
  • Raphael Ferro as Lozano
  • Alejandro de Hoyos Parera like Darius
  • Samantha Siqueiros as Sabrina
  • Roberta Damian like april
  • Antonio de la Vega like hugo

When Gael’s family receives instructions from Aquiles, he does not hesitate to deliver the requested money and keep the police out of the way in order to recover it, without imagining that the kidnappers do not plan to release the boy. Although Hugo, a police friend of the Greco’s, tries to help, he cannot kill Gael. To know what else happened and what the end means CLICK HERE.

The main role is played by Fernando Colungawho plays Achilles Greco, the patriarch of the family that he will not hesitate, for a moment, to commit as much crime as possible to preserve the lifestyle he has maintained for many years.

Because this production is based on a police case that shocked Argentine society in the early 1980s, we will tell you by CLICKING HERE who Arquímedes Puccio really was, the leader of the Puccio clan.

“El secreto de la familia Greco”, released on the streaming platform on November 4, marks the return from Fernando Colunga in the leading role as Achilles Greco; Along with him, a luxury cast relives the shocking events that shocked Argentines a few decades ago. Among these actors is Roberta Damián, who plays Aprilthe youngest daughter of the clan leader.

In the plot, she is a sweet and innocent teenager who loves to skate and is totally oblivious to the crimes committed by her family members. If we are based on real life, the real name of the then girl is Adrianawho, after the arrest of his father Archimedes Puccio and the rest of his loved ones, received psychiatric treatment. CLICK HERE to learn more about the actress who plays her.

Club Atlético de San Isidro, champion team in 1985, had as tryman Alexander Puccioa young player who stood out in his squad until his father, leader of the criminal gang, was arrested in August of that same year.

Some time later, Alejandro was also arrested and nobody believed that he was guilty because they knew him very well and he did not appear to be what he was accused of. MORE DETAILS HERE.

The fiction is inspired by the true story of the Clan Puccioa seemingly perfect family who secretly kidnapped wealthy people for ransom to maintain their high standard of living.

But, What really happened to each member of the Puccio clan? Next, we tell you what happened to the characters that inspired the Netflix series “The secret of the Greco family”. MORE DETAILS HERE.

Archimedes Puccio in 2012 (Photo: Christian Caluori / YouTube Capture)
Archimedes Puccio in 2012 (Photo: Christian Caluori / YouTube Capture)

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