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A shocking story based on real events arrived on Netflix on November 4, 2022, we refer to “The secret of the Greco family”the impressive series based on the Argentine production “Historia de un clan”which narrates the life of a high-class family that, in order to continue maintaining the status and level to which they are accustomed, does whatever it takes, even if it means kidnapping and killing their victims.

The main role is played by Fernando Colungawho plays Achilles Greco, the patriarch of the family that he will not hesitate, for a moment, to commit as much crime as possible to preserve the lifestyle he has maintained for many years.

Because this production is based on a police case that shocked Argentine society in the early 1980s, we tell you who Arquímedes Puccio really was, the leader of the Puccio clan.

“The secret of the Greco family” tells the story that terrorized, based on kidnappings and extortion, all of Argentina in the 1980s (Photo: Netflix)

Archimedes Puccio was the leader of the Puccio clan, a public limited company formed to commit crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and murder.. His band was made up of his sons Alejandro and Daniel, Guillermo Fernández Laborda, Colonel Rodolfo Franco, and as trustee, the accountant Revuelta; his place of operations being his own house located on Martín y Omar al 500 in San Isidro.

He and his loved ones appeared to be a common family, so none of their acquaintances, including future victims, suspected them. To gain everyone’s trust, they used as a front a nautical sporting goods establishment installed in their own home and a bar next to the building where they lived, although apparently they were doing well with their business, the clan had a much more profitable activity: kidnapping for ransom.

It was Archimedes who planned the kidnappings, as happened with Ricardo Manoukian, Eduardo Aulet and Emilio Naum. While for the first two victims of his he ordered his son Alejandro to set a trap for them; In the case of the latter, the same patriarch made his friend stop his car to take him somewhere, but when he resisted, he did not hesitate to kill him.

Fernando Colunga as Arquímedes Puccio, the head of the clan that kidnapped and killed his victims (Photo: Netflix)

Archimedes Puccio’s arrest occurred when the clan had kidnapped his fourth victim. It was about the businesswoman Nélida Bollini de Prado, 58 years old, who had been in captivity for a month; At that time, it was only thought that she was the only one who had been deprived of her liberty, but when the police raided the building by surprise on August 23, 1985, everything was known.

In this way, the traditional family that tried by all means to maintain social status fell. Despite everything to the contrary, the patriarch denied his crimes and assured that he was a patriot and a political prisoner. He was sentenced in December 1985 to life imprisonment plus an accessory for an indefinite period of time. Once in prison he converted to the evangelical religion and took the corresponding courses to become a lawyer.

In April 2008, more than 20 years after his arrest, he was paroled. thanks to the “2×1 Law”, being transferred to the Open Correctional Institute of General Pico La Pampa, after the house arrest he was serving in Buenos Aires was revoked, for having violated its conditions while there.

Later, he obtained parole again and lived in General Pico, where he practiced as a lawyer. He lived in the house of an evangelical pastor and later he lived with a woman younger than him. After that, he settled in a boarding house, where he eventually died.

Just as in
As in “The secret of the Greco family”, in real life Archimedes Puccio operated with his children (Photo: Netflix)
  • Full name: Archimedes Raphael Puccio
  • Place of birth: Barracks, Buenos Aires
  • Nationality: Argentina
  • Date of Birth: September 14, 1929
  • Date of death: May 4, 2013
  • Known For: being a kidnapper and serial killer

Arquímedes Puccio was an accountant and businessman, a member of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) and a member of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance. He was also a member of the Intelligence Battalion 601, an intelligence unit of the Argentine Army, and was a member of the Tacuara Nationalist Movement, an Argentine fascist and neo-Nazi political organization.

He had five children: Alejandro, player of the Argentine Rugby Team; Silvia; Daniel ‘Magilla’; William and Adriana.

Arquímedes Puccio rubbed shoulders with very important and influential people, becoming, between 1957 and 1964, Vice Consul at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The then president Juan Domingo Perón even gave him a diploma for being the youngest diplomat of the time. With this function, he carried out diplomatic mail missions in Madrid.

In 1973, Puccio went to the Higher School of Political Conduct, which depended on the National Justicialist Movement, being appointed Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Buenos Aires.

It was precisely at that school that he met his future accomplice, Guillermo Luis Fernández Laborda, who on that occasion worked as an administrator at the Ramos Mejía Hospital. Both were even members of the Air Force Intelligence Service.

Based on the successful Argentine production “history of a clan”, which in turn is a story from real life itself, “The secret of the Greco family” is the new television series developed by Telemundo Streaming Studios in Mexico for Netflix, as well as the setting for the return of Fernando Colunga to the small screen, with Lisa Owen as a partner.

Six years after playing the evil Eladio Gómez-Luna Altamirano in the telenovela “Pasión y poder” and his frustrated participation in “Malverde: El Santo Patrón”, Colunga is back in acting as the head of a family and a clan of kidnappers in this thriller that relives the terrifying story of the Puccios, the criminals who tormented the elite of Buenos Aires in the 1980s. MORE DETAILS HERE

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