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The secret of the Greco family” is a series of Netflix based on a true life story. The drama is an adaptation of the turbulent operations of the family clan who led Archimedes Puccioa former member of the Intelligence Service of the Argentine Air Force dedicated to the kidnapping, extortion and murder of his hostages during the 1980s. One of his victims was Ricardo Manoukian, presented in the fiction of the streaming service as Gael Espinoza.

Arquímedes Puccio’s clan terrorized the Argentine upper class in the 1980s, until his capture in August 1985. He was sentenced to life in prison, although he was released from prison in April 2008. He never acknowledged his crimes.

The fearsome history of the clan has been brought to the screen on a few occasions. First, Pablo Trapero premiered “El Clan” in August 2005, with Guillermo Francella in the role of Archimedes. Then, in September of the same year, the miniseries “Historia de un clan”, by Luis Ortega, debuted on Argentine television. And in November 2022, Netflix introduced “The secret of the Greco familya version adapted to the Mexican reality, where the Puccio’s become the Greco’s and where Ricardo Manoukianthe first victim of the criminal group, is presented as Gael Espinoza.

According to El Bonaerense, in July 1982, the family puccino initiates his criminal actions and one of his first victims was Richard Manoukian.

Ricardo Manoukian born in 1958. In 1982, he was 24 years old and saw his plans and dreams for the future interrupted after being kidnapped by the Puccio clan. The young man was the son of the owner of the Tanti supermarkets located in the north zone.

Likewise, Ricardo was a friend of Alexander Puccio and they both practiced windsurfing. Archimedes’ eldest son had been in the house of Manoukian on previous occasions.

According to El Bonaerense, on July 22, 1982, Ricardo agreed with his parents that they would have lunch together, but this did not materialize because the young man was kidnapped after he Alexander Puccio made him stop halfway.

The son of the Puccios asked Ricardo, according to the aforementioned media, to take him to a nearby bar, but he was surprised that they expected him Archimedes, Frank Y Fernandez Labordarealizing that he fell into a trap.

At that moment, the men forced Ricardo to get out of his car and then cover his head and take him to the Puccio’s house.

After the kidnapping, Puccio and his accomplices called Ricardo’s family to give them details of what they had to do. According to the Argentine portal, the kidnappers told the young man to write a letter in which he pointed out that his captors treated him well.

to release to Richard the kidnappers requested 500 thousand dollars. Although they received the money, the clan told the young man’s family that he would be released within 24 hours, but that was not the case.

Precisely, Fernandez Labordaa member of the organization, revealed years later before a judge how Ricardo’s death was, according to Infobae.

“We went to the side of the Paraná River. We turn onto a dirt road, pass two bridges and stop. There Puccio gave me the 38 caliber revolver. He told me: ‘Tomá, you have to clean it. Think of your family’. The three of them got out of the car. I stayed in the car with Manoukian. I fired three times without aiming at the lump. Puccio patted me on the back and told me: ‘You did your duty’“, said.

The family of Richard He decided to go to the police station and file a complaint. This happened on August 2, 1982but a day later the sad news of the young man’s death would be known.

The production is based on real events and focuses on the Grecos, a family that hides behind the facade of a traditional family a clan of criminals, led by Achilles (Colunga)a retired officer who is disciplined and authoritative, willing to do anything to maintain his family’s status.

Next to this is Martha (Lisa Owen)an ambitious woman who supports her wife to set up a gang that kidnaps, tortures and murders its victims if they don’t get the ransom in cash.

  • Original title: “The secret of the Greco family”
  • Year: 2022
  • Country: MEXICO
  • Direction: Alejandro Ciancio
  • Music: Juan Carlos Enriquez
  • Cast: Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, Manuel Masalva, Luis Machín, Rafael Ferro, Alejandro de Hoyos, Samantha Siqueiros, Antonio de la Vega, Roberta Damián, Paula Reca
  • Producer: Netflix
  • Episode 1: Facing financial problems, Aquiles shares a criminal plan with his children. A wealthy friend of Andrés becomes the first target of the new family project.
  • Episode 2: Gael’s family receives detailed rescue instructions from Achilles. Andrés can’t handle the guilt and puts the entire operation at risk.
  • Episode 3: Darío becomes close to Gael. Aquiles and his partners continue with the operation while Andrés prepares for an important match. Hugo pays them a surprise visit.
  • Episode 4: There is a new target in Achilles’ sights: the wealthy polo player Emilio Garay. Gustavo Valbuena doubts whether to join the clan. Martha and Sabrina fight.
  • Episode 5: April desperately searches for her dog. Lupe stays with the Grecos after a fight. Hugo follows Lozano. The whole family celebrates Achilles’ birthday.
  • Episode 6: Verónica senses that someone betrayed Emilio. Andrés, Darío and Tachi dig a hole to bury a corpse. Lozano approaches April. Martha worries about Achilles.
  • Episode 7: Achilles gives Gustavo his share of the money. A magazine photographs Andrés. Things don’t go well with the third job. Hugo continues looking for Lupe.
  • Episode 8: Hugo loses his mind after Lupe’s funeral. Tension increases between Andrés and Darío. Lozano’s secret comes to light. Achilles sets his sights on his next victim.
  • Episode 9: The police begin to connect the dots. Hugo is reluctant to believe that Achilles is behind the crimes. The clan prepares to collect the ransom money.
  • Fernando Colunga as Achilles Greco
  • Lisa Owen as Martha Ochoa de Greco
  • Manuel Masalva as Andres Greco
  • Luis Machin like kings
  • Raphael Ferro as Lozano
  • Alejandro de Hoyos Parera like Darius
  • Samantha Siqueiros as Sabrina
  • Roberta Damian like april
  • Antonio de la Vega like hugo

“The secret of the Greco family” is available on Netflix from November 4, 2022Therefore, to watch the series inspired by the Puccio clan, you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform. MORE DETAILS HERE

When Gael’s family receives instructions from Aquiles, he does not hesitate to deliver the requested money and keep the police out of the way in order to recover it, without imagining that the kidnappers do not plan to release the boy.

Although Hugo, a police friend of the Greco’s, tries to help, he cannot kill Gael. To know what else happened and what the end means CLICK HERE

The fiction is inspired by the true story of the Clan Puccioa seemingly perfect family who secretly kidnapped wealthy people for ransom to maintain their high standard of living.

But, What really happened to each member of the Puccio clan? Next, we tell you what happened to the characters. MORE DETAILS HERE

“The secret of the Greco family” left viewers shocked by the events that are told in the series, which is based on a true story that occurred in the 80s in Argentina. To interpret the characters of this drama, a luxury cast led by Fernando Colunga was summoned, along with other actors, among which Samantha Siqueiros stands out, who gives life to Sabrina, the daughter of the protagonist.

In the plot, she is shy, very religious; In addition, she is totally oblivious to the crimes committed by her loved ones. In real life, the real name of the person who plays the actress is Silvia Puccio, the second of the five children of Archimedes Puccio. If you want to know who Samantha, the actress who brings her to life, just CLICK HERE.

In addition to Fernando Colunga, in the main role, the presence of other actors in “El secreto de la familia Greco” stands out, such is the case of Roberta Damián, who plays Aprilthe youngest daughter of the clan leader.

In fiction, she is a sweet and innocent teenager who loves to skate and is totally oblivious to the crimes committed by members of her family. If we are based on real life, the real name of the then girl is Adrianawho, after the arrest of his beloved father Archimedes Puccio and the rest of his loved ones, received psychiatric treatment. To learn more about the actress Roberta, who plays her, CLICK HERE.

As many may already know, “The secret of the Greco family It is a Netflix series that is inspired by real events, so Andrés Greco was someone who actually existed, although not necessarily with that name. MORE DETAILS HERE

Fernando Colunga plays Aquiles Greco in the new Netflix series “El secreto de la familia Greco”. The Mexican actor plays the patriarch of a family of kidnappers in this thriller based on the terrifying story of the Puccios, the criminals who tormented the elite of Buenos Aires in the 1980s. MORE DETAILS HERE

Fernando Colunga (Photo: Netflix)

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