This was the “participation” of Shakira and Ricky Martin in the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | VIDEO

This was the “participation” of Shakira and Ricky Martin in the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | VIDEO
This was the “participation” of Shakira and Ricky Martin in the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | VIDEO

Plagued by criticism and controversy, the Qatar World Cup 2022 with his opening ceremony which had different surprises, from the appearance of Morgan Freeman and an Olympic-style event with the flags of all the participating countries, to the “participation” of Shakira Y Ricky Martinwho were honored with their music from the previous world cups.

From very early this Sunday, November 20, football lovers began to arrive at Al Bayt. Freeman was in charge of narrating the inauguration, and after the flag walkway, the lucky attendees enjoyed a wonderful presentation of dancers who moved to the rhythm of the World Cup songs from previous editions, among which was heard the ‘waka waka‘ of the Colombian Shakira.

Of course, this fact did not go unnoticed by her fans as they took the opportunity to remember her despite the fact that the pop star along with other renowned artists gave the organizers of the World Cup a resounding no to participate in the opening ceremony.

This was the moment when they played Waka Waka at the opening ceremony of Qatar 2022.

Why didn’t Shakira sing in Qatar 2022?

The Colombian would be scheduled at the opening of the fair with other prominent musicians such as the Black Eyed Peas bands and the K-pop group BTS, however, the interpreter of “Luck” would have made the decision not to participate.

Shakira It was criticized on social networks because it had been announced as part of the opening of the World Cup, this due to all the controversy that revolves around the event and the venue. Qatarwhere some of their customs are considered by many to violate human rights.

According to a collaborator of a show program in Spain, the Colombian singer will not be in Qatar 2022although according to his words it is not known if he will definitely not have any participation throughout the fair: “They have confirmed to me that Shakira He is not going to perform at the opening ceremony, but they have not confirmed to me if he will have any role throughout the World Cup”.

Shakira would not be the only one who would have refused to participate in Qatar 2022, since one of the most famous was Dua Lipa, who assured that she would not collaborate in an event that is riddled with principles and beliefs that she does not share.

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