Rapper Brewley MC passes away

Rapper Brewley MC passes away
Rapper Brewley MC passes away

This afternoon social networks were flooded with messages announcing the death of the singer Brewley MCwho came to be considered one of the pioneers of Latin rap in Puerto Rico, which was taking off, led by Vico CKnown as “The Philosopher of Rap”, Ruben DJ Y Lisa M..

Friends and relatives of the artist published messages of sadness and disbelief, including the well-known producer of reggaeton music videos, Héctor “El Flaco” Figueroa, who expressed: “What sad news they just gave me. Rest in peace friend, brother @ therealbrewley1 one of the legends of the genre. I’m truly speechless Brewley MC. Who would have thought that not even a month ago we were talking and remembering our beginnings”.

At the moment, the causes of death of the singer named William Brewley, who came to popularize the song “AIDS Rap”, and as recently as two days ago, published on his Instagram social network account, that he was going to perform at a stage of a community.

Brewley MC was the creator of the song “Keep beating” and “Here I am”, which stood out in the early 1990s. He also recorded under the production of DJ Playero. Over time, as he continued his music, he came to adopt the name “The Godfather, Don Brewley.”

Brewley MC In the early 90’s, this singer spread a more mellow style to the rhythm of “Keep Beating”. (JOSE A. REYES GARCIA)

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