Miss Universe 2023: Why did R’Bonney Gabriel give up the US crown?

This is the main reason why R’Bonney Gabriel, recently Miss Universe, resigned.

ANDl past January 14, R’Bonney Gabriel was chosen as the new Miss Universe in a ceremony that ended in controversy, since for most of the people who attended and those who followed the gala on television, the winner should have been, Miss Venezuela: Amanda Dudamel. This week it was announced that R’Bonney would give up her crown as Queen of the United States and here we tell you why.

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R’Bonney Gabriel, the new Miss Universe 2022, relinquished her country’s crown. This is because she cannot exercise the title of Miss United States by having new responsibilities as queen of the world.

The controversy arose because Miss Venezuela was the favorite by the public and by the viewers to keep the crown. The surprise was when the presenters of the competition announced R’Bonney Gabriel as Miss Universe #71.

The controversy took on more weight, when several Internet users recalled when R’Bonney Nola, Miss Texas, became Miss United States. Supposedly at the time “most of the contestants felt very strongly that there was favoritism towards Miss Texas and they had the receipts to prove it.”

R’Bonney Gabriel is a model, designer and businesswoman who had lost, in 2021, the competition of her state by very little, being a finalist. Her perseverance made her run once more and she became Miss USA 2022, later the winner of Miss Universe.

A Miss Universe lasts about a year, being a world leadership voice carrying out campaigns of the Organization of the pageant and participating in philanthropic events. They must carry out social tasks in their respective communities, integrate with them and be facilitators between these communities and the institutional framework. In this symbolic sense his sovereignty becomes manifest.

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