Resident Evil: public compares the Albert Wesker of the Netflix series with Blade, the vampire slayer

For a television series or movie, it is always favorable to talk about them, regardless of whether there are good, bad or absurd things to comment on. Either way, that makes people turn to look at them. Since a television adaptation of the popular video game by resident Evilthere was not much expectation on the part of the fans, and it is that it is known that when it comes to adaptations, Netflix does not do well at all.

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Also, after the film franchise of Resident Evil: The Cursed Guest – 34% starring Milla Jovovich, although it has never had the best reviews, it has been difficult for the public to accept something new without the actress who has become iconic in action and zombie cinema. However, with the recent premiere of the series, some conversation has been generated, although not as expected.

For weeks there has been talk of the new Albert Wesker from Resident Evil – 41%played by Lance Reddick – remembered mainly for his role in the Another Day To Kill saga – 85% (John Wick)-; and it is that part of the audience did not agree with the change to which the character would be subjected since he would now look quite different from how he had been raised both in video games and in movies.

With just a couple of days in the streaming giant’s catalog, the character has grabbed attention once again, and it’s not to praise him, but not to criticize him either, but because of an obvious resemblance to another character quite far from the franchise: the Blade’s protagonist – 88%. It is worth mentioning that Blade is also in the process of having a new adaptation to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe under the interpretation of Mahershala Ali (Green Book: A Friendship Without Borders – Resident-Evil-public-compares-the-Albert78%).

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There is a particular scene where Wesker from Reddick appears in a leather suit, black trench coat and dark glasses, very much in the style of the vampire slayer, so the reactions were immediate and many jokes have arisen about it. Some have mocked Netflix’s habit of drastically changing the characters of its adaptations, while others claim to have thought they were watching the next Marvel Studios movie.

In general, the critics have not been so good with the streaming series; Among the comments, he highlights that he does not manage to contribute something new, that his approach is wrong and even that “they have no idea what they are doing” with this series. On the other hand, both experts and the general public have agreed that his vision of adolescent drama does not fit with what the zombie story needs.

Take a look at what is being said on social media below.

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When the hell did Blade become a part of the Resident Evil Universe?

I’m here watching the Resident Evil series on Netflix. I apologize to anyone I might spoil the show for…here we have Lance Reddick as classic Wesker but…why am I getting the old Blade vibe? I can’t be the only one!

Why does Resident Evil have Blade?

When you find a loophole to make a Blade series by passing it off as a Resident Evil series.

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