DC League of Super Pets contains lesbian couple scene

DC League of Super Pets contains lesbian couple scene
DC League of Super Pets contains lesbian couple scene

Giuliana Caccia, a Peruvian mother and director of the Asociación Origen, warned that the children’s film “DC Liga de Supermascotas”, recently released in theaters, contains a scene about a teenage lesbian relationship.

“This is not going to stop: including scenes that are intended to go unnoticed in children’s movies. This time it was the turn of the Warner Brothers movie ‘Superpets’. It is a scene almost at the beginning of the film, ”said Caccia on his Facebook account.

In the brief scene, shared by the Catholic mother on her social network, the protagonist dog Krypto is seen talking to two other pets in a park. One of those dogs comments that his owner has a partner whom she loves more than him. He immediately focuses on two teenage girls, one of them flirting with the other under a tree.

“How would the story have changed if that scene hadn’t been put on? The agenda is clear and our work as parents must be firm: we can’t not get involved”, said Caccia.

“We have to be attentive, talk to our children, train ourselves to know how to guide them. We cannot, perhaps, stop Disney or Hollywood, but yes we can talk and explain to our children transmitting our values based on the Truth”, he added.

DC League of Superpets, released in theaters in the United States on July 29 by Warner Bros. Pictures, presents the story of Krypto, Superman’s “superdog”, whose mission is to rescue his master and other superheroes from the League of Superpets. Justice of a group of villains.

This is not the first animated movie this year to promote content with gender ideology. The children’s film Lightyear, produced by Disney and Pixar, caused a worldwide stir for including a lesbian kiss.

In June 2022, Giuliana Calambrogio, a Master’s in Marriage and Family from the University of Navarra, told ACI Prensa that “children’s innocence must be protected” and “not put them in situations where they are going to have a conflict between what it is natural and those situations in which, although they happen, are not part of the common”.

“A child between 4 and 6 years old is at the age of imaginary thought, believes in unicorns, fairies, Santa Claus, and for this reason, some take advantage of this age to introduce the idea of ​​gender, of homosexuality, and try to normalize it. , something that will also become a pattern that they will see throughout their development due to the influence of culture and movies,” said the Peruvian mother of 8 children.

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