Jimin has had a long relationship with this girl

sunjin is the name of the girl who has become all the envy of ARMY thanks to his relationship with Jimin, Who is it about?

Jimin, the member and star dancer of BTS, has been very open about his relationship with the young woman named sunjin, a former high school classmate who has shared photos with him on multiple occasions.

This girl has also attended the concerts of bangtan in South Korea, The idol has also worn pants that are from his clothing brand, being the envy of every fan or follower of the artist.

In social networks, several photos of both have circulated, since Sunjin is nothing more and nothing less than the best friend of Jimin, and a girl very close to him, because they studied together.

Also, this girl is a dance teacher and has known him since they were students, which is why they are so confident in showing each other support and affection. Without a doubt, an undoubtedly enviable friendship relationship!!

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