They discover “video” of Jungkook with his possible girlfriend

The member of BTS, Jungkook, He is again in rumors of romance, after leaking a “video” where he supposedly appears with who his girlfriend would be, unleashing the envy of the ARMY.

For the ARMY, it has always been a matter of curiosity to know about the love lives of the boys of BTS, since all of them have been characterized by being very private in that aspect of their lives.

However, a young ARMY decided to share a video on her profile, where she appears next to Jungkook, the golden maknae of BTS.

Apparently, in a kind of study or room, the young woman assures that although she cannot meet the real idol, she has a friend who looks a lot like the singer, who could even be his twin.

However, it is nothing more than an edited video thanks to a filter that allows you to place the face of Jungkook on another person and the effect is so real that many ARMY they believed it.

Some initially believed that it was really a double that looks quite similar, but others commented that the trick was obvious.

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