Rigoberta rhymes with apotheosis

It would have filled the venue even without the special addition that it will be the last time she is seen on stage for an indeterminate time. She is Rigoberta Bandini and the venue, the Palau Sant Jordi (according to the organizers, packed with 15,000 fans).

And it is that last night she performed for the first time in it as the culmination of three years of non-stop activity, and landed a few months after having a great time -she, her accomplices on stage and the public- at the Cruïlla. On this occasion, Paula Ribó also came to the appointment as a presentation in her city of her first album, The Empress.

The late night was intense and happy. And to agitate the sound and environmental spell that was presumed to have been the opening act of Ladilla Rusa, that transgressor, critic (referential in this aspect the song All days the same ) and hilarious duo from Montcada i Reixac.

Returning to the core of the matter, in this return to the Barcelona stages after that summer bath of fun and music, Bandini offered over an hour and a half what is already known of his proposal, that is, a generous combination of entertainment, stage production and harmony with the audience.

And then, of course, a repertoire that delighted a mostly female audience, from 18 years of age or so onwards and even far ahead. The male element, equally enthusiastic and militant, was not in any case a minority. That is to say, that the message that Bandini-Ribó transmits penetrates in a broad, intersexual and intergenerational way, and that we are talking about a rather short sound career. Thus, there was no shortage of hits in the mouth, heart and mind of all, starting with Ow mom (with wide chorus and bare breasts included) and bitch but without forgetting the multicore Julio Iglesias .

Rigoberta Bandini, final concert of tour at Palau Sant Jordi


The show started, yes, with another of his hymns, In Spain we call it loneliness a start with the turbo at full capacity: “In Spain we say ‘its bitterness’, in Spain we say ‘ay, I bleed out’, in Spain we say ‘what the hell do I do'”.

She appeared backed by a brilliant, electronic and highly effective instrumental team led by her colleague on and off stage, Esteban Navarro. He was joined by a large body of dancers, the stupendous chorus girl Berta Gratacós and also her cousin Belén Barenys, who, due to her pregnancy, barely lavished herself as second vocalist, which did not mean that she was brutal in the interpretation of rap bitch.

He also had, in a clamorous reception, a guest like Amaia Romero, with whom he gave life to that’s how he dancedhis particular tribute to a children’s song by TV clowns . A song and a performance that was one of the hedonistic high points of the night, with some of the dancers at the end jumping rope.

And speaking of tributes, to highlight an indicative medley of fragments of Are you of Mocedades, How I love you of Raphael or la la la by Massiel, before the aforementioned topic with Amaia.

Another moment of the intense concert last night in Montjuïc

Alex Garcia

If something became crystal clear last night, it is that Rigoberta Bandini is a phenomenon: from the beginning until the end of the show, a very varied, identified and dedicated audience turned it into a communion and party like few can remember.

And that it was a transparent concert, perfectly known by those present who enjoyed it like May rain to achieve joy and happiness. Even if it was only for an hour and a half. Paula Ribó appeared with sunglasses and a white coat overflowing with glitter. She is a garment that she ended up removing from her to show the schoolgirl look that has characterized her so much even before her boom. In a repertoire of 17 songs, with two blocks of encores, the Catalan revived songs from her early days, added the novelties incorporated into The Empress (like the much applauded love songs to you dedicated to his son) or some slower tempo cut with acoustic guitar like To all my lovers.

Rigoberta Bandini, final concert of tour at Palau Sant Jordi

Rigoberta Bandini entered the public for an hour and a half with music and a stage hook

Alex Garcia

There was also room for some songs in Catalan such as the immortal Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol of armhole or Aviam what’s upwho cohabited with the Anglo-Saxons In Spain…, The fuck fuck fuck poem (in whose lyrics one could hear Too many drugs)this cut with which the curtain was lowered on the emotional and intense session.

As I said, music night, liberation and party, lots of partying. Not by chance as farewell music could be heard the glorious Voglio vederti danzare, by Franco Battiato. Who gives more?

Esteban Lines

Rigoberta Bandini

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