Death of rapper Brewley MC mourned

Death of rapper Brewley MC mourned
Death of rapper Brewley MC mourned

Several exponents of urban music reacted today to the death of Brewley MC, considered one of the pioneers of rap in Puerto Rico.

“I just found out some bad news, about the death of one of the pioneers who was with us at the beginning of what we call the urban genre, the great Brewley MC,” said the musician Rubén DJ through a video published on your Facebook account.

“This teaches us one thing that life is short, no. the great thing that I had with him is that we were able to share a career almost together, great memories… the dancers, the concerts, the music, the reggae, the times we talked,” she said.

“We had our difference, as always, in ignorance, but we were a tight group. Those of us who were there, those of us who started that path, what he was, Vico, me, Lisa, now that he’s gone, it’s true, the memories come back, ”he reflected.

Another artist moved by the news of the death of William Brewley, Brewley MC’s given name, was Vico C.

“Speechless! Rest in peace Brewley ”, wrote the well-known Philosopher of Rap on his Facebook account. The message was accompanied by a file photo of both.

Don Omar also expressed himself on the networks about Brewley’s death.

“May “The Godfather” of MANY rest in peace…we leave our plans for the next RIP BREWLEY MC keep batting,” he wrote.

Brewley MC’s music sounded strong in the 90s with hits like “Keep Beating”, “Here I Am” and “It’s Love”.

At the moment, the causes of his death are unknown.

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