Cuba waiting for the US to set a date for deportation flights

Cuba waiting for the US to set a date for deportation flights
Cuba waiting for the US to set a date for deportation flights

The cuban government is waiting for you USA set dates for flights deportation of migrants of the island, according to official statements released by international agencies.

“We are waiting for the flight proposal and the date. The United States asked us to resume flights. Cuba has already said yes and we are waiting for them to tell us ‘that day the flight goes,'” he assured the agency on Monday. EFE the deputy director for the US of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Johana Tablada.

The Cuban official also said that once the US provides the list of people it wishes to repatriate, Cuba should “simply review” whether the members “classify in the categories” agreed upon by the two countries in 2017, something for which that they will need “a few days”.

The report also recalls that the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Carlos Fernández de Cossio, affirmed, after participating in Havana in a bilateral migratory round with the United States in the last week, that Washington and Havana hope that these flights of repatriation have “regularity”.

In the last week it transpired that Cuban immigrants who crossed undocumented into the United States from Mexico could begin to be deported on return flights to Cuba.

The decision arises from the response of the Cuban governmentwhich first reported its willingness to accept deportation flights, which would be the first of their kind since the Trump administration.

Cuba accepted the repatriation of deportees under an agreement reached between the two countries, which will restart visa processing for Cubans seeking to legally enter the United States.

The officials, who preferred to remain anonymous, told nbc that the flights will begin “in the next few weeks,” while ICE locates the Cubans with final orders of deportation to fill the planes.

The Cuban government accepted the resumption of deportation flights from the United States with detainees at the Mexican border, a measure that would mark a significant turnaround in the Joe Biden administration in their efforts to stop the unstoppable wave of migration from the island.

According to three US officials cited by the agency ReutersCuba agreed for the first time to accept ICE deportation flights, paralyzed in the last two years.

A government source in Washington confirmed to CyberCuba that it is a restored commitment after the recent talks held in Havana between senior US officials and Cuban representatives.

“It is a process that is still in its infancy and we hope that ICE flights can be restarted at an early date,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

The report of Reuters indicated that the US authorities already have in custody a dozen Cubans who did not pass an initial asylum examination due to credible fear upon arrival at the border, adding that ICE is waiting to gather a larger group of immigrants who do not pass the interview until they complete a plane bound for Havana.

The returns of Cubans would be in occasional groups and would not be part of a new agreement to regularize ICE deportation flights to the island.

The decision supposes a modification in the strategy of deportation flights of ICE to Cuba, which until now had been nourished by Cubans considered ineligible to remain as legal residents in the United States.

Now the deportations by air would include Cubans arriving at land border points in search of political refuge, which will establish an eventual barrier for the migratory flow from Central America to the Mexican border.

Almost 30,000 Cubans entered US territory through land borders in Octoberaccording to data released by the US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

Far from slowing down, the flow of Cuban migrants seeking to enter the United States remains stable or on the rise.

In the first month of the current fiscal year, 29,872 Cubans were detained at the northern and southern US borders, although 28,848 migrants from the island were taken into custody only at the southern border, 10% more than what was reported last September, according to the official statistics.

The figures for fiscal year 2022, concluded on September 30, registered a historical peak of 224,607 Cubans who entered through border points of the territory of the United States.

In recent days there has been a slowdown in the release of immigrants, including many Cubans, who turn themselves in to CBP officials to formalize their refugee claims.

According to the authorities, the number of people released decreased because the cases are being processed under “strict information requirements” to decide on possible expulsion procedures, and they are only allowed to leave detention centers once. who have made the pertinent travel arrangements to be welcomed by relatives, religious centers or charitable entities.

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