Kishida plans to visit the US in January to meet with Biden

Kishida plans to visit the US in January to meet with Biden
Kishida plans to visit the US in January to meet with Biden

Tokyo, 24 Nov. The Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, plans to travel to the United States next January to meet with the President of this country, Joe Biden, according to what government sources told the local Kyodo agency today.

The trip would be focused on strengthening the bilateral security alliance and would be Kishida’s first to Washington since the Japanese prime minister took office in October last year.

The Japanese Executive plans that the visit will take place between January 7 and 9, and that it be accompanied by a subsequent ministerial meeting in the “2+2” format, that is, with the heads of Defense and Foreign Affairs of both countries. .

One of the main objectives of the visit would be to explain to Biden the new National Security Strategy that Japan plans to approve before the end of the year, and which will include an expansion of the country’s military capabilities, according to the aforementioned sources.

The Executive led by Kishida aspires to strengthen cooperation in security matters with its main ally, the United States, and to strengthen its defensive power in the face of a security environment that it considers increasingly hostile due, above all, to the military rise of China and the North Korean weapons developments.

This includes a notable increase in its Defense spending for the coming years and acquiring new weapons such as hypersonic and long-range missiles or attack drones, according to the draft budget for the next fiscal year approved last August.

Kishida would also plan to coordinate with Biden in view of the rotating presidency of the G7 that Japan will assume from January, and with a summit of leaders of this group of countries scheduled for next May in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Along the same lines, the Japanese prime minister plans to visit other European countries that are members of the G7 after his trip to the United States.

Kishida and Biden already held bilateral meetings during the series of summits held last week and the previous one in Asia, and during the visit of the White House president to Japan last May on the occasion of a meeting of leaders of the Quad group. EFE


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