Where did it come from? The origin of ‘Little Miss’ and the meme that floods the internet

Whether it’s in the Instagram feed, in Twitter posts, or even when you scroll through your TikTok ‘For You Page’, many will already be able to confirm that ‘Little Miss’ memes have become the internet’s new viral train. But what are they and where did they come from?

If you flat out read that and didn’t understand what we’re talking about, don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you below: it’s about some memes with cartoons that are accompanied by a characteristic trait, attitude or desire of that character with which we can identify.

An example of the Little Miss memes. Photo: Special

The origin of the ‘Little Miss’ memes that are already invading the internet

The ‘Little Miss’ means “Little Miss” in English and is to refer to the person in question. For example, the meme of “Little Miss that misses her ex” It could well be shared by your friend who makes fake Instagram accounts to stalk (or so they have told us what they do).

Actually the memes of ‘Little Miss’ (or “Mr Men” for its counterpart) are not very complex, however, the fact that its popularity began shortly after 50 years of being created. And all thanks to a post on Instagram.

“Little Miss thinks her trauma is funny.” Photo: Special

Believe it or not the drawings were created more than 50 years ago

But let’s go in parts: the illustrations of the ‘Little Miss’ memes started in 1971 by British author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves, who had this idea after his son Adam asked him to draw what tickles looked like.

It was like that Hargreaves created ‘Mr. Tickle’ (mr. tickle), a little yellow man who wears a blue top hat. The drawing later became a series called ‘Mr. Men’ which had its spin-off series titled ‘Little Miss’.

British illustrator Roger Hargreaves, the creator of ‘Little Miss’. Photo: Getty Images

And they’ve actually been quite famous for decades, especially in the UK.

both series became a resounding success in the UK and around the world, so much so that they managed to sell more than 100 million copies worldwide and even became a TV show where they told how the personality of each character affected their daily life and that of those around them.

The curious thing about these cartoons is that they became so popular that there are even versions of the Spice Girls, of British royalty and even other relevant characters from around the world such as Usain Bolt. All thanks to the ingenuity of Roger Hargraves who died in 1988.

The characters from the ‘Little Miss’ books. Photo: Special

Although this 2022 they returned to glory thanks to the ‘Little Miss’ memes

After the illustrator’s death, it was his son Adam who continued the legacy of ‘Mr. Men’ when creating new drawings and stories. All without imagining that many years later it would be the people of the internet who would do the same with their own versions accompanied by phrases to express some trauma or situation ironically.

According to the Know Your Meme portal, this was thanks to an Instagram user named @juulpuppywho on April 19, 2022 began with the creation of the ‘Little Miss’ memes as we know them today.

Here are some examples that are already on the internet about these memes:

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