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On November 18, 2022 the sixth season of “Elite”, which will focus on the aftermath of Samuel’s death. Although all fans will be able to see their Favorite characters, in this installment new actors are incorporated; one of them is Ander Puig, who will play Nico.

In the plot, the young man will play a trans boy, just as he did in one of the productions that he also previously participated in. Due to the expectation that his presence in the hit Netflix series has generated, we tell you who he is and everything you need to know about him.

Ander Puig as Nico in the sixth season of “Elite” (Photo: Netflix)

  • Full name: Ander Puig
  • Place of birth: Barcelona
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Year of birth: 2001
  • Instagram: @anderpuig

Ander Puig is a trans man who decided at the age of 17 to make himself known as he identified: that, despite being born a woman, he felt like a man. “I think I’m living another life. Being trans, saying it and having the guts to bet on myself in front of the whole world has changed my life a lot”pointed out in an interview with The world.

The actor taking a selfie with a naked torso (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

The young man said that it was a bit difficult to go out and point out that he considered himself a man living in the body of a woman, because he feared disappointing those who trusted himso it became an internal struggle to admit it.

Ander Puig’s family respected his decision and did not hesitate to support him when you decide to start your transition process. “This does not have to be a drama, my personal case was not (…). I have had a hard time internally due to my internal struggle and I suffered, but they have not discriminated against me. You can have a natural life being trans, not everything is always dark”he indicated in the same interview.

He is excited to participate in the series

He is excited to participate in the “Elite” series. Here posing in full sun with a red polo shirt (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

Convinced that his thing was the world of acting, he prepared himself and made his acting debut in “Los espabilados”, a 2021 series on Movistar Plus+. He then lands his first leading role in the RTVE Play web series “Ser o no ser” and later a role in the sixth season of “Elite”.

In “To be or not to be”, Ander Puig gives life to Joel, a 16-year-old trans boy who is starting stage high school in a new high school where no one knows him, so he could introduce himself to his classmates as he feels, but he is afraid of rejection, as well as losing Ona, a young woman from his class, with whom he fell in love. A story that resembles his life and that helped him to understand everything from his experience.

He loves taking selfies to upload on his social networks (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

He loves taking selfies to upload on his social networks (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

Ander Puig considers himself an ambitious, fun person with a great desire to live, who loves movies and reading, he told RTVE.

The actor revealed that when he found out about the casting for the Netflix series, he did not hesitate and applied. “They called me for a face-to-face test in Madrid. I left quite happy (…). The following week my representatives called me by Facetime, all gathered at a table (…) they said that I was in ‘Elite’ and it was brutal ”indicated to The country.

He considers himself a happy person (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

He considers himself a happy person (Photo: Ander Puig / Instagram)

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