History Channel series apologized to Yarumal residents for Alzheimer’s program

History Channel series apologized to Yarumal residents for Alzheimer’s program
History Channel series apologized to Yarumal residents for Alzheimer’s program

This is episode 7 of Inexplicable Latin Americaa program from the production companies Volga Producciones and Beta Plus to History Channel and which is currently broadcasting its second season on this channel with the presentation of the Mexican actor Humberto Zurita.

The series is based on the hit original History franchise called “Inexplicable with William Shatner”, which delves into the region’s most mysterious events and presents startling new facts about the unexplained.

The premiere took place on October 9 and last Sunday the chapter called towns. Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, showrunner of Inexplicable Latin Americaexplained to EL COLOMBIANO that in this episode they looked for populations with particular histories in Latin America, such as one in Ecuador where people are very long-lived or another in Brazil where 35% of its inhabitants are twins.

There address the history of Yarumal and call it the town of Alzheimer’s“a region of Colombia in which its inhabitants they were punished with this disease that caused them memory loss, lack of mobility and mental deterioration ”, says the review of it.

“We did several investigative processes, as we have been doing with the entire series. I want to clarify that this is not a documentary, it is part of a series, it is a fragment of episode 7 Inexplicable Latin America that it’s called towns”, clarifies the showrunner.

The fragment, which according to Sucksdorf, lasts between 10 and 11 minutes (there is another shorter one on the History Latin America Youtube channel) caused discomfort not only in the inhabitants of the municipality, but also in the Neurosciences Group, attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia, that issued a statement in which it pronounced on the program and regretted the fact that “the name of a town that has been in solidarity with the investigation regarding the disease is used for a publication that obeys sensationalist interests, that lies and misinforms to the community”.

According to Sucksdorf, the series is called “Inexplicable” because when it comes to looking for cases, there are those that have taken time to explain or that currently have no explanation or those that have an explanation and a peculiarity and strangeness that is worth telling. .

“When we started talking about Yarumal, we contacted the people of the Neuroscience Group, I don’t have the exact name right now, but they gave us conditions that as producers we could not accept They had to accept the final cut, the final content, as journalists we chose not to accept that”.

What they did then was look up first person storieswith people from the municipality and with different journalists who had covered the event.

The beginning of this fragment from Yarumal says: “The curse that haunts this small town with which they lose their memory and even forget their own names.” The showrunner confirmed that yes, they started talking about the curse, “and the truth is that I am very sorry that they took it badly, because it was not the intention in any way, we always try to tell the story with a lot of respect. The theme of the curse was the beginning of the narrative to explain what had happened that was what ended up being told, obviously it is a mystery program, it is not a program that seeks to be a paper scientist,” he says.

The feeling that remains for the producers is that this beginning caused a lot of anger, “and that is why the criticisms are from the first minutes and there is no follow-up on what happened, my feeling is that they did not finish seeing it, in those 11 minutes who has the case is all counted ”.

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About the pronouncement of Neuroscience Group from Antioquia, Sucksdorf says he feels very sorry: “To all the people in this group, who are the angriest, I I do not name them in the program because they did not want to participate and out of respect I shouldn’t name them, I think they do an incredible and wonderful job, but I understand how they take care of what they report, what happens is that within what I have to answer there are things that I cannot give, I cannot tell a third party that the final cut is theirs because I could never do it ”.

The showrunner concluded: “If there are people who feel bad, I apologize.there was never a bad intention ”.

And he reiterates his idea that look for the full program on History Play because maybe they will understand that if the start was unsuccessful, the issue is generally treated with respect and “with the type of language that responds to a format that we are doing, and I think it is important to clarify that this is not a Yarumal documentary, it is a note within a program that deals with this type of subject.”

The article is in Spanish

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